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Brookbenton 2 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

I was excited that Chef Boyd opened up the restaurant for curbside pickup. Ordered online and called to let them know I was there. Food came out right on time. The fresh salad was delicious and professional boxed up along with the amazing fried chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes. All was perfectly cooked and the chicken was crispy. Definitely a comfort food that hit the spot. Will be back soon!

Antonysmom 3 months ago


This my absolute favorite drink! The bar makes it just right every time! The service is always spot on! Every entree I've had is delicious! The scallops are my favorite!

Kritisarin 3 months ago

La Cultura

Where do I begin? And why is there no option to select both locations and every single menu item?! Secreto is by far the best restaurant and bar experience in Georgia. The fried chicken is the most popular menu item from what I've heard (and the hype is well-deserved), but they also have the best deviled eggs, pork belly, and crab bisque I've had in my entire life. The cocktail menu is also a dream and it changes seasonally; every new addition is a carefully crafted combination of complementary ingredients that is original, refreshing, and delicious. Secreto is the first place I'll be going once the COVID-19 lockdown ends!!

Vicki 3 months ago

Andouille Crusted Red Fish

Every visit to Secreto has always been enjoyable from the moment I walk in until I leave. The customer service is always top notch. The andouille crusted red fish is absolutely tasteful; good to the last bite.

Jeffcofer 4 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

This is the best fried chicken in the city, hands down. Perfect breading and excellent seasoning and gravy? Shut my mouth In fact, we will often split it, because the portion is so large. We've been eating at Secreto for years and I look forward to this dish every time we go.

Mfo 4 months ago

Eggs Benedict

The Eggs Benedict was perfect. AND, the chef, or chef's representative, came to our table to check with me to be sure he understood how I liked my egg cooked for this dish. (Firm white and hot liquid yolk.) And it was prepared perfectly! This is a hard thing to ask for and not many cooks can make it happen so deliciously. I was really impressed and it was soooo good. Thank you! And the bacon! Oh yes!

Pvinit9 5 months ago

Roasted Vegetable Goat Cheese Panini

I always come here for cheese panini. Its tastes great and loving it.

T 5 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

First I would like to start by saying this is THE BEST restaurant I've ever been to!!!!!!! The food, service, hospitality, quantity and quality of food was nothing but AMAZING!!! I absolutely love this place, I've been more than 3 times and every time I visit the fried chicken dinner taste the same exact way every time I ordered it. I always eat half of it and eat the rest later. This place is great, I just can't say it enough! The staff, the restaurant manager works as if she's regular staff and I love that because you don't see that everywhere. Everyone is very nice and pleasant and I love it! Our plan is to continue to visit once a month. Thank you so much guys and keep up the good work!

Kkops 5 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

I rarely order fried chicken at a restaurant because I grew up in SC eating very good fried chicken--however, Chef Boyd's is the BEST!!! No bones, pounded very thin and served with amazing jalapeno gravy. It is amazing! It is served with french style green beans and wonderful mashed potatoes. I have had it multiple times at both locations. It never disappoints!

Jeannelkrebs 5 months ago

Pan Seared Diver Scallops

I have yet to have a bad dish here! Great food. Excellent service. Fantastic for business lunches, special night our dinners. Honestly, you can't go wrong. Alpharetta's best kept secret.

Jtrevari 5 months ago

Red Chille Glazed "Bang Bang" Shrimp

We are making a special trip to go back and have this dish again. Absolutely delicious.

Hardestyj 5 months ago

Grilled Beef Medallion

Perfectly cooked steak. Relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Great cocktails.

Valued Customer 5 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

I get the same surprised look from everyone when I tell them how amazing the fried chicken is at Secreto! I try to explain that it's so moist & delicious it will melt in your mouth, but words fail to capture its essence. The few times I've managed to stray from this dish on the menu I have not been disappointed. All their food is great and their service is outstanding!

Chjay27 5 months ago

Fried Green Tomatoes

Upon first glance, you see six well-assembled halves of fried green tomatoes with generous dollops of strawberry jalapeno jam. But as soon as you cut into one, warm pimento cheese oozes out onto your plate. The gooey pimento cheese provides a perfect contrast to the crispness of the fried breading that encapsulates the tomatoes. The jam provides a nice slightly sweet yet subtle kick that finishes off the refined southern qualities of the dish.

Jenniferd1009 6 months ago

Crispy Seared Heritage Farms Pork Belly

The pork belly appetiser simply cannot be described as anything but inspired. Tender, melt in your mouth pork belly cooked to perfection with a sublime mushroom risotto, delectable tomato jam and balanced with a port wine jus must be tried to be believed as no review could possibly do it justice.

Jenniferd1009 6 months ago

Fried Green Tomatoes

A superb dish! The jalapeño jam that accents the fried green tomatoes elevates the pimento cheese for a pairing as delicious as it is unique.

Kischaroberts 6 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

Everyone bow your heads for the fried chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I know, hear me out. It sounds basic, but it was perfection on a plate. The 3 chicken breasts were pounded thin, fried, and set atop fluffy mashed potatoes and drizzled with the gravy of life. The chicken managed to stay crispy and juicy despite the gravy. The green we're beans fresh, al dente and seasoned perfectly. The best thing about this meal is that I couldn't finish it all. The leftovers were just as good the next day.

Leozpride 6 months ago

Grilled Apple Brined Pork Chop

This was my first time here and I have mixed reviews on my experience. My group was here for NYE with an early evening reservation. Upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance. It's on the smaller side but has an elegant, quaint feel that's warm. The initial staff was very nice and we needed to wait at the bar for our table. The bar is on the smaller side but in scale for the restaurant. The drink menu was solid with several unique items. We quickly realized that whomever handled the reservations was not the best person to do so. The bar only had one person and was so overrun that the manager had to step in to help. The bartender did come over to let us know she was a bit behind with the crowd but would be with us as fast as possible. She made sure to let us know we weren't forgotten. 50 mins later, we were taken to our table. The hostess had issues with table management and seated parties who had later reservations instead of the earlier ones still waiting. It turned into a bit of an issue. Once we were seated, the experience did improve a bit. Our server was very nice and on top of everything. We were a little disappointed that there were several items no longer available on the menu though, especially when we had an early reservation timeslot. Once our order was taken, the kitchen flew through with our order. Everything was just as ordered, cooked perfectly and very good. The menu is straightforward farm to table and handled very well. We did decide on dessert, again unfortunately, the thing we wanted most wasn't available. We decided on the white chocolate cheesecake. It was one of the better ones I've had. Overall, the food would bring me back but I would hesitate to go on nights that would be busier.

Jeff 7 months ago

Warm Pimento Cheese Dip


Mdopry 7 months ago

Andouille Crusted Red Fish

This might be my favorite dish right now in all of Atlanta! (And my favorite restaurant right now!) I plan to try many more dishes, if I can bear to pass up the Redfish. Going there New Years Eve!

Saraabledsoe 3 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

Saying that I love the fried chicken and mashed potatoes here is such an understatement. I first tried the dish at Taste of Atlanta, and I was properly hooked. Since then, I've made the trek to Alpharetta several times just to get this dish again and again. I'm sure the rest of the menu is delicious, as well, but the chicken is tender and absolutely has amazing flavor, the mashed potatoes with garlic! I don't really like mashed potatoes, but these I love and would write a poem about. The gravy pulls it all together, and green beans are always fresh and well-cooked. Pure culinary love.

Mwheeler426 3 months ago

Truffle Deviled Eggs

I miss the Deviled Eggs, Wedge Salad and Meats/Cheese plate!! Those are always our go-to's every time we visit! The food is fantastic and we've yet to have a meal we didn't love! Also, you can't beat the atmosphere and the staff is incredible!! We usually sit at the bar and the bartenders are amazing and treat you like family!

Jasondavis52 3 months ago

Grilled Trip Tip Sirloin

Great dinner. Great taste and just enough Cajun to add flavor. Highly recommend.

Anagha 4 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

Boneless Fried Chicken to die for !

Brookbenton 4 months ago

Old Fashioned

Secreto is my go to! They have a great community hour with a very legit Old Fashioned. Their appetizers are spot on for a quick bite and the entrees are perfect with a southern twist. Chef Boyd and his team are very professional yet are not afraid to reach out and say hi and make sure your experience is great. You cant go wrong here!

Eileenparsons 5 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

This is one of my very favorite fried chicken dishes anywhere! First of's huge! 3 breaded southern fried yummy seasoned pieces topped with a delicious bacon jalapeño gravy. The chicken was accompanied by tasty green beans and a serving of buttery mash potatoes. I shared big bites with my 3 dinner companions & also took an entire piece home. Highly recommended 😋

Vinit 5 months ago

Warm Pimento Cheese Dip

Great crisp flatbread and sip.

Karen 5 months ago

Faroe Island Salmon

Started with the meat and cheese board which had a great selection and ample portions. Shared a wedge and the fried green tomatoes. Makes for an amazing salad. I had the salmon which was perfectly cooked and an amazing combination of flavors. My husband had the red fish which he enjoyed but wished he had ordered the chicken which looked and smelled like heaven. This was our first time at Secreto but we will be regulars for sure. Sat at the bar and loved our interaction with Sarah the bartender. Great food, drink suggestions and atmosphere! It's a 10 for us!

Flowerthumper 5 months ago

Grilled Salmon BLT

I was blown away by this fantastic and creative dish. I love salmon and it was grilled to perfection complemented by the smoky flavor of the bacon and tangy note of tomato.

Hoo 5 months ago

Fried Chicken Sandwich

We visited for its Sunday (only) Brunch as a group of three. I'm glad we made a reservation ahead, since it's already a full house when arriving at 12. (Some bar seats were still available though). The decor: Nothing fancy, but quite modern and urban style. Simple yet elegant, roomy yet cozy. The dishes: We ordered southern brunch classics: shrimp and grits, chicken biscuits, crab cakes, tomato soup and eggs & hush-brown. Everything is delish, quite nice presentation and good quality of the ingredients ( especially, you can taste the freshness of the shrimps and juiciness of the fried chicken). The dessert: We had cheese cake and carrot cake to share, simply the best. As both of them are quite traditional choices, Secreto played a little bit of twists to them: the cheese cake is not that heavy at all, kinda delightful; carrot cake has a lot of crunchy nuts in it and topped with whipped cream w/slices of strawberry. They did a good job on the "balancing" of tastes. The service: It was quite busy brunch hours. Thus, we're glad one of its owners -- Mr. Paulo attended our table. He was quite welcoming and paying attention to details, a brief chat about how he started the business was intriguing as well. Conclusion, Secreto is very nice choice for a neighborhood causal dinning with friends and family, sort of a hidden gem. We would like to visit for its dinner and drinks next time.

Rishaybrown 5 months ago

Charleston Style Crab Cake

A friend recommended this place to me and I'm so glad I went. The food was flavorful and delicious. The customer service was even better. I will definitely be going back.

Jetsetgo360 5 months ago

Coastal Shrimp & Grits

I love the carmelized onions and smoked bacon with the amazing shrimp & grits!

Huntea01 5 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

Second time and goods was perfect. !!!! Awesome atmosphere. And the carrot cake man to die for!!!

Tiffany 5 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

My husband and I visited Secreto for a date night and I must say we had the most awesome experience from the time we entered the door through when we departed the restaurant. We both decided to try the southern fried chicken and it was nothing short of delectable. The topper for the night was Chef Boyd's carrot cake. This cake was nothing short of amazing and the best desert I have ever tasted. 10 out 10 would recommend. Awesome customer service and delicious food. It was definitely an experience.

Jenniferd1009 6 months ago

Red Chille Glazed "Bang Bang" Shrimp

The bang bang shrimp had an exotic blend of fresh Asian flavours that was well balanced and as fresh as it was exotic.

R 6 months ago

Andouille Crusted Red Fish

My favorite dish at Secreto! Well prepared, just spicy enough, and the potatoes are delicious as well! Great combo and excellent accompaniments! Looking forward to my next visit to enjoy this dish again!

Sharonakinsowon 6 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

This is the best fried chicken ever!! The chicken is soooo flavorful couple with the yummy mash potatoes and green beans are just simply a taste of heaven. Did I mention the cocktails? Hands down.... the drinks are mouthwatering

Gdavid9999 6 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

I don't usually order fried chicken but favorable reviews proved accurate. It is amazing. Order double jalapeño bacon gravy. It is not spicy hot but is very savory and complements the chicken well. It's my go to dish now.

Jeff 7 months ago

Red Chille Glazed "Bang Bang" Shrimp

We keep coming back for this ! Absolute amazing combination of flavors. Spot on every time!

Clarknest5 7 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

So, I will start by saying thank you to our waitress (whose name I don't recall unfortunately) that strongly encouraged me to get this dish. I am not a big fan of fried food generally speaking, but this dish was amazing!!!!! The chicken was lightly battered but was moist and had huge flavor. The mashed potatoes were nice, firm but light and airy. The green beans were just like a green bean was meant to be - fresh, bright green in color, a bit of a crunch, with a hint of butter, garlic and salt. However, the real star of the show was the jalapeño gravy. I was very skeptical due the potential of the spice from the jalapeño (zero tolerance for spicy dishes). However, our waitress assured me it wasn't at all spicy and recommended that I get it on the side. She was right - the gravy was AMAZING and truly the star of this dish!!! If you are hesitant to try it, let me assure you you won't be disappointed!! Great dish and service - the manager (possibly owner) came by to check on us and when I asked for a small scoop more of the potatoes and gravy to go she didn't hesitate or charge me additional. Great place and service - such a hidden "secret" here in Alpharetta. Glad we found it - will definitely return!!!!!


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