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Kischaroberts 10 days ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

Everyone bow your heads for the fried chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I know, hear me out. It sounds basic, but it was perfection on a plate. The 3 chicken breasts were pounded thin, fried, and set atop fluffy mashed potatoes and drizzled with the gravy of life. The chicken managed to stay crispy and juicy despite the gravy. The green we're beans fresh, al dente and seasoned perfectly. The best thing about this meal is that I couldn't finish it all. The leftovers were just as good the next day.

Gdavid9999 18 days ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

I don't usually order fried chicken but favorable reviews proved accurate. It is amazing. Order double jalapeño bacon gravy. It is not spicy hot but is very savory and complements the chicken well. It's my go to dish now.

Jeff 19 days ago

Red Chille Glazed "Bang Bang" Shrimp

We keep coming back for this ! Absolute amazing combination of flavors. Spot on every time!

Penny 23 days ago


This is our favorite burrata appetizer anywhere. You can make a meal of it if you don't want to share.

Terry about 1 month ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

My family took me to Secreto for my birthday dinner and it was fabulous! I had the Southern Fried Chicken and the flavor is incredible - jalapeno gravy provides an outstanding sensory complement to the perfectly fried chicken breast filets. The portion was huge, so plenty leftovers as well. At the end of the dinner, I was given a piece of the carrot cake to celebrate my birthday and have to say, it truly is among the best I've ever eaten! Everything about the dinner was wonderful and we'll definitely be going back to Secreto for "regular" occasions as well.

Cmitchell2005 about 1 month ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

The food and service was absolutely amazing. I live out of town but can't wait to visit again !

Jacobs4866 about 2 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

Do the holidays have you stressed? Avoid the madness, come to SECRETO on Windward Parkway and order the best comfort food! Chef Boyd's fried chicken dinner. Yummy, all the comforts of home- but better. Not sure what he does but it is FABULOUS

Chels about 2 months ago

Grilled Apple Brined Pork Chop

If you are craving pork chops, this is the place to go! The Apple brined pork chop was cooked perfectly and tasted out of this world. We love to come to Secreto because of the great food and great service. Do yourself a favor and go here!!

Guest about 2 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

Great Food!

Purityphotography 2 months ago

Breakfast Potatoes

I had the stuffed fried green tomatoes with the strawberry jelly sauce and it was DELICIOUS! I also tried the crab cake which was wonderful packed with flavor and tender crab meat... the breakfast potatoes were good also... I finished it off with Chef Boyd's special Carrot cake... it was delightful and rich and moiste... Chef Boyd came out himself and his personality shines the the food and shows his LOVE for the Southern cuisine! Thank you Chef everything was Great and such a fun environment.

Jeromejurenovich 3 months ago

Andouille Crusted Red Fish

It was incredible. Opened with Bang Bang Shrimp and Steak Sliders. Sliders were excellent. Redfish was delicious, will definitely order again. Beet Salad is highly recommended although I would order dressing on the side. It was very good just a little too much of it for me.

Rixeyjones 3 months ago

Grilled Beef Medallion

in our first visit to Secreto we both ordered the beef medallions and they were divine. Great sauce and flavor. Very tender. The sides were wonderful as well. Service was excellent. I wish we'd known about this gem sooner! We'll be back.

Mpeter0420 3 months ago

Grilled Apple Brined Pork Chop

A lot of food. Chop was large and cooked well. Sides were great. Worth the visit.

Sharonakinsowon 10 days ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

This is the best fried chicken ever!! The chicken is soooo flavorful couple with the yummy mash potatoes and green beans are just simply a taste of heaven. Did I mention the cocktails? Hands down.... the drinks are mouthwatering

Jeff 19 days ago

Warm Pimento Cheese Dip


Mdopry 19 days ago

Andouille Crusted Red Fish

This might be my favorite dish right now in all of Atlanta! (And my favorite restaurant right now!) I plan to try many more dishes, if I can bear to pass up the Redfish. Going there New Years Eve!

Xbcmx about 1 month ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

Absolutely mind blowing Southern fried chicken. Great environment and Chef Boyd came out to personally make sure everything was up to par. I couldn't recommend a better place to eat if I tried.

Christyrussell about 1 month ago

Iceberg Wedge Salad

Food was delicious. I had the wedge salad as a starter and fried chicken for my dinner selections. Perfection! The entire menu is delicious.

Leeshumz about 1 month ago

Red Chille Glazed "Bang Bang" Shrimp

Delicious! I came here for a light dinner and I was not disappointed! The ambiance, the service, and the food did not disappoint! I also had the crab bisque and I'd order it all again!

Monet Christie about 2 months ago

Truffle Deviled Eggs

It's a humble dish - Deviled Eggs - but this version is elevated and absolutely cravable. Just one of the many yummy dishes!

Christyspilka about 2 months ago

Chef Boyd's Southern Fried Chicken

This place is amazing. From the ambiance and service to the food. Great for a date night or a group. Specialty drinks are creative and so good! Try the fried chicken. The desserts are homemade and also incredible. One of our favorite places in the area.

Andrea 2 months ago

Crispy Seared Heritage Farms Pork Belly

This was absolutely the best I have ever had. Melted in your mouth and the flavors paired perfectly! Can't wait to come back!

Valued Customer 2 months ago

Charleston Style Crab Cake

I had an amazing brunch with excellent food and service! The Charleston Style Crab Cakes were absolutely divine with lump crab meat and flavor in ever bite! I also ended my meal with Chef Boyd's delicious Carrot Cake Bread Pudding! It was like nothing I had ever tasted before and I will never forget it! I'm taking another group of Ladies back for an experience next weekend! I can't wait to try something new!

Jennthurmond 3 months ago

Chicken and Biscuit

Couldn't resist trying Sunday brunch after seeing pictures online - especially the cinnamon roll. Went with our family two weekends ago and the food was even better than it looked! In addition to the cinnamon roll, I had the chicken and biscuit and it was delicious - possibly the best in the area (I've tried them all!). My husband enjoyed his omelette and we'll be back to try other things as well.

Jonjoslin 3 months ago

Roasted Red Pepper Crab Bisque

Secreto Southern Kitchen and Bar's "Roasted Red Pepper Crab Bisque" Have you ever found a restaurant dish, so amazing, so incredible, that it makes you rethink your restaurant habits? Secreto Southern Kitchen and Bar's "Roasted Red Pepper Crab Bisque" is that very dish for me. I've had it something like 12 weeks in a row and am going back tonight! I travel frequently. I have two simple rules on the road. I stay away from restaurants I can choose at home, and I try to switch up places to eat. Since Discovering Secreto Southern Kitchen & Bar earlier this year, I have happily thrown out rule two to eat at Secreto each week. It's gotten so good, I eat each week at Secreto, and one "other" restaurant. If I could disguise myself, as someone else, I may choose to eat there twice each week when I am in Alpharetta. Simply put, I've worked my way through the menu, but without fail, I've ordered this amazing bisque every week to start. The soup is served with an excellent side bread, and it makes an incredible dip. The soup has just the right kick from a tiny bit of cayenne I think, and the texture is wonderful. The roast on the red peppers come out and it seems to have a bit of potato to add to the thick texture. I love it with a good heavy grind of pepper to help bring out the flavor of the stock and the cream base. What really makes this bisque, is the finish. Drizzled over the top is a Basil Oil and a Golden Sherry Drizzle. It's an amazing finish, and I've tried to duplicate the basil oil myself, with fresh garden basil. Mine never seems to be as good. Maybe it's the mood, or the awesome bar, or the fantastic staff, who tries to recognize you each time you come in. The basil oil and sherry finish is drizzled around a bit of floating crab meat, which I love to wait to eat with the last drop! Come, in and order the soup, and sit at the bar. As a traveler, I'm known to be polishing off a Netflix show while there. Say Hi. But most importantly, try the Secreto Southern Kitchen and Bar's "Roasted Red Pepper Crab Bisque"

Lee 3 months ago

"Bang Bang" Shrimp Sourdough Po Boy

Secreto's is the best. The food is excellent, and the chef is amazing. Love this place!


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